Setting up classroom in Google Classroom

Setting up Google Classroom: Digital Techie for Today’s Generation – Google Classroom is a learning classroom administration framework where alludes to the wide grouping of capacities and techniques that teachers use to keep understudies created, composed, connected with, careful, on task, and academically valuable in the midst of a class. Exactly when classroom – organisation techniques are executed satisfactorily, instructors restrict the practices that discourage learning for both individual understudies and social occasions of understudies, while enlarging the practices that support or enhance learning. Generally speaking, effective teachers tend to demonstrate strong organisation capacities, while the indication of the fresh or less intense instructor is a messy classroom stacked with understudies who are not working or concentering.

Connecting with Classroom:

Accessing Classroom is very easy. It takes less than ten minutes to create Classroom.
Visit and click in Sign In for creating class.
Enter your username of G Suite for Education or your personal Google Account and click on Next option. Enter your password and click on Sign in.
After welcome message, click Accept.
If you’re using a G Suite for Education account, then click I’m A Teacher or I’m A Student.
Click Get Started and now you are ready to Access your Classroom.

Teacher’s Mind-set:

Creating and Designing a new class according subject wise.
Adding students as well as parents.
Assignments and projects-is like Digital Workflow
Announcements and Emails – a Digital Communication with students.
Linked with Google Drive, docs, sheets, slides, calendar and search.

Creating Class for Teachers:

Click on Create Class
Design Classroom by changing cover image according to different Streams.
Create folders for different streams.
Unique codes are provided.

Enrolling Students in Class:

Teacher can enroll students by collecting their Gmail id’s and forming a Group according to standards and streams and then linking that contact group with class otherwise distribute or spread unique code among students so that they can self-enroll themselves according to streams and standards. Unique codes can be disabled and also can be reset once students join the class. Enrolled students will be listed and can be removed from the class, if necessary. Teacher can transfer class ownership anytime to another teacher by notifying students.

Communication with students:

Communicating to students is very easy and flexible. Through students Gmail account, teachers can communicate with invisible student or in group via Email.  Announcements and Assignments they post in directly and share with multiple group at once to save time. They can select time and day and then upload file and click Assign. Now all students can view their Assignments and also if any Announcements are them. Assignments can include attachment, word, excel, links or videos. In class drive folders are automatically created. Once students have submitted their file teachers owns it. Teachers can delete the file if any changes are required. It can only be modify by teacher but teachers cannot modify the comments from the comment section. Through help desk option, students can directly mail to teacher for any concern. Teachers can give rights to students whether to view file or to edit or to make copy for each students.