its learning forsyth

Its learning Forsyth

Forsyth County Schools is based in Forsyth County Georgia. At the present day, the Forsyth County Schools has a student base of 42,600. The school has more than 4,000 employees and over 1,500 substitutes.

Forsyth County Schools is the seventh largest school in Georgia. The Forsyth County Schools partnered with Itslearning Inc which is a digital learning platform.

They are a renowned name for providing state-of-the-art tools for innovating classroom studies. This partnership is already reaping huge dividends. Students, parents and the teachers have equally been benefited by this new way of learning.

The primary aim of the Forsyth County Schools was to develop a system which will result in an engaging and result-oriented platform. The partnering of its learning forsyth has opened new dimensions in the field of education.

its learning forysth

The benefits of Itslearning forsyth

As already mentioned, itslearning is an online platform for teachers and students. Now, the teachers can use this platform along with their conventional mode of teaching. They can conveniently put the classroom content online and the students from various places can participate in discussions, complete their home assignments online, create rich and engaging content and submit them online. Additionally, the integration of its learning forsyth county has successfully managed to make use of the recommendation platform to provide enhanced courses based on their needs. Lastly, forsyth itslearning has also become the best communication platform for all the teachers, students and their parents.

Key features of Itslearning

The Forsyth County Schools after integrating with Itslearning has managed to extend support from global leaders like Knovation, Infinite Campus, and has also introduced cloud-based apps like G-suite and Microsoft Office.

The workflow has been perfectly streamlined in order to finish daily tasks like assessments, assignments and the ability to provide successful feedback to students.

Lastly, the integration has opened up the platform for rich messaging and several apps to make learning easier.
The role of the parent

As a parent, you have all the information on your fingertips now. You can keep an eye on all the contents assigned to the children. There are specific items like Lesson Planner, Tree Link and much more.

Additionally, there is a Latest Changes section where you can find information on the newly updated course material and a link to the homework assignments given to the students. When you access the Lesson Planner section, you will get all the relevant information on the activities ongoing in the classes of the Forsyth County Schools.

For accessing information on the upcoming events of the school there is a separate section of the Calendar/Event. As already mentioned, the online platform of its learning forsyth county is a great tool for parents to communicate with the teachers/instructors of their children.

Accessing the information –

You need to visit for accessing all the information you need.

You will have to create an account on the Parent Portal using your credentials.

If you do not have the parent portal account, it is recommended to visit the school office and set up your account to get the ability to log in.

You will be provided with an activation key by the school authorities, only then you will qualify for creating an account.

its learning forsyth county recommends the parents to login into the itslearning account using the credentials of their children. This is extremely important for the sake of the child’s development.

However, as a parent, you ought to have the ability to sign in to the parent portal using your own credentials to be able to view the grades obtained by your children. Additionally, you can also download the specific app suited for this purpose on your smartphone.

A welcome change – Forsyth County Schools and Itslearning partnered

Initially, the Forsyth County Schools and Itslearning partnered for a period of five years. Presently, this is the fourth year and in this period they have managed to achieve several milestones.

Recently, the benefit of this partnership was in the limelight as it introduced a welcome change. Usually, snow days meant the school was shut down and that resulted in loss of classes. With the help of the online platform provided by Itslearning, the entire classes of the Forsyth County Schools were conducted online. Thus, the devastating storm that affected the North Atlanta region had no effect on the studies.

The online learning platform was fully utilized and it was deemed the same as having regular classes. So, there was no need to make up for the lost school time due to the bad weather.

Previously, to make up for the lost time, Forsyth County Schools had to resort to unfavorable ways like decreasing the spring break, adding extra classes, conducting classes even on weekends and reducing the recess period. Now, with the online platform, the weather can no longer play a spoilsport and thus this is a relief for the school management and the students.

The benefits for students – itslearning forsyth

Virtual learning precisely allows the students to choose their convenient time for studying. This ultimately helps them to do well. The forsyth itslearning helps the student in several ways that include shared project spaces, provides tons of educational games and apps, instant messaging, a personal news stream and above all the ability to connect with others any time they prefer.

Summary of the features its learning forsyth

Students can view their personalized newsfeed stream that includes events, tasks and course-related news.

Itslearning emphasizes on a secure messaging system. Irrespective of the device the student uses they can easily connect with their teachers to get their queries answered.

They can always track their progress with the help of Individual Learning Plans and Learning Objective Progress reports.

Whenever necessary, a student can engage with another student to satisfy their specific requirements.

The online platform helps the students to be able to speak to some of the best teachers. The teachers can quickly provide their feedback in a number of ways.

The personal dashboards aid the student to get an idea of how well they are progressing. If necessary, the parents’ students and teachers can connect with each other for understanding how to make things better for the sake of the student.