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Google Classroom Sign up

This Google Classroom sign up guide or tutorial helps you to setup the google classroom . You need google classroom account to maintain and communicate with students, time management and stays organised. A classroom is a free web benefit for schools, non-benefits, and anybody with an individual Google Account. Classroom makes it simple for students and teachers to associate—inside and outside of schools.

For Signing into Google classroom here are some steps to be followed

  1. Basically you need to start with signing up in Gmail:
  2. Go to Google homepage and then click on Gmail which is on right top corner of the page.
  3. As you don’t have Gmail account you need to click on “Create an Account”.
  4. To set new account, you have to fill information about yourself as shown in figure 1.

Note: On the off chance that the email name that you asked for in isn’t accessible, you’ll get a message saying that some individual as of now has that username and offering you a few options. You can choose to acknowledge one of the options or sort in another name and check its accessibility yet again. You should finish a portion of alternate boxes once more. You may need to do this a couple of times. When you conclude your email address, it’s a smart thought to make a note of it so you can allude to it until the point that you recollect it.

You’ll have to think of a secret key so you can sign in safely to your record. Google may clarify that you should attempt one with no less than 8 characters in length to be secure. Utilise letters and numbers to influence the secret word more too secure and hard to figure. You can add a current email deliver to keep your new email secure as well.

Verification step: In next step you have to Accept Google’s privacy and terms, once you have read it click on I Agree option which in the bottom right part of the page.
Then you will have two options for verification as shown in figure:

When you choose any one from the two options, through any one medium you will get your verification code, which you have to enter in the code option and will select Continue. Finally your Gmail Account is created.

Steps Need To Be Followed For Google Classroom Sign Up

  • Visit and click in Sign In for creating class.
  • Enter your username of G Suite for Education or your personal Google Account and click on Next option.
  • Enter your password and click on Sign in.
  • After welcome message, click Accept.
  • If you’re using a G Suite for Education account, then click I’m A Teacher or I’m A Student.
  • Click Get Started and now you are Ready to Access your Classroom.
  • These are the ways to sign in Google Classroom, which is easy and won’t cost you anything.